FlexRadio - To "M" or not to "M"...

Started by ws7m, Feb 18, 2024, 10:37 PM

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This is my long time view of the flex radios with the Maestro attached and not.

I believe the M series versions of Flex Radios were introduced to complete a little better with knob radios like Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood and others.  Unfortunately, I believe the M to be a strap on solution.  It is not well thought out and really does not provide everything a knob user wants.

The Flex Radios are really best at being radio servers. The M add on which was really a Maestro, with a Windows Tablet, running a tablet version of SmartSDR was simply put: clunky.

I own both a Flex 6600 and an Icom 7610.  When it comes to knob radio, hands down the Icom 7610 wins.  First it powers on in seconds where as the Flex takes a minute plus. The knobs are nicely laid out and work well.  The Maestro... not so much.

So in my humble opinion if you want a knob radio.  Buy a knob radio.  If you like Flex and you really still want the knobs, buy the Flex 6400 or 6600 and by a new latest version separate Maestro.  This way you get the best of both worlds.  The Flex radio server can sit wherever you want it, and the Maestro can be your knobs.

Considering the issues Flex has had with the Windows tables, batteries and other issues in Maestro version 1 and 2, I would certainly wait to see what the 3rd generation looks like.  It was just announced in Jan 2024.

I welcome input on this topic.  This is, as I've said, my opinion.