FRLogger is a logging/control Windows program designed specifically for the Flex Radio 6000 series radios!

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FRLogger Features

Here are just a few of the features packed into FRLogger

FRLogger downloads
  • Integrates with and communicates with your Flex Radio
  • Flexible panel configurations and layouts
  • Connects to spot sources and can post spots to your radio
  • Easy spotting of current QSO
  • Connects to and monitors broadcasts from WSJT-X
  • Highly optimized CW panel with macro support
  • Control of SPE 1K, 1.3K, 1.5K, & 2K amplifiers over RS-232
  • Control of KPA 500 & 1500 amplifiers over RS-232
  • Control of KAT tuner over RS-232
  • Reads forward, reverse, SWR from W2 wattmeter over RS-232
  • Powerful & flexible alert system
  • Built in scripting language for power users
  • Audio panel to quickly record and playback radio audio
  • Online lookups to a number of different providers
  • Ability to post logged QSOs to: QRZ, ClubLog, LOTW, HRDLog
  • Ability to spot your slices to other FRLogger users
  • Built in chat with other FRLogger users
  • Built in messaging with other FRLogger users
  • Automatic program updates
  • And much more...

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FRLogger downloads