On this page I will address the most common FRLogger support issues and provide some basic solutions. As always, you can email me for help but hopefully some of these hints will get you through.

You can still email me if you have questions:

Please include with your email the best possible description of the problem you are experiencing, screen shots are nice and include the log file if you can. Logs for FRLogger are located in: C:\WS7MApps\FlexLogger\Logs

I will try to answer your email within one day.

FRLogger V13 includes a number of improvments to language localization.

A fairly complex challenge when writing software that may be used all over the world is dealing with the multitude of different time and number formats. Prior versions of FlexLogger and FRLogger did not handle non-US localization very well.

V13 contains some improvements to help make numbers work better in for non-US users. However, if you had in a prior version imported data from your prior logging system then there is a possiblity the data in your log may have frequencies formatted improperly.

You have a few choices.

  • Leave everything as is. If you are not uploading your older logs to a log site this will probably be just fine
  • Start with a clean database and re-import your older logs into V13. This will ensure the log entries are correctly formated in case you wish to upload them to an online log service. The issue is the logs you may have added to FRLogger after the import and before this version. See below for more info.

If you elect option two, to re-import and you have some logs you've added to FRLogger since your import then my suggestion is to export those using the Database Administrator to a separate file. Then after your main import is done, re-import them into FRLogger. The frequency values may be incorrect and you may need to manually edit them.

I apologize for any issues this causes for people. Please feel free to contact me if you are having issues.

FRLogger features both a full installer to install the program from scratch and a built-in automatic updater.

Prior to the rename of the program from FlexLogger to FRLogger the automatic update process was working very well. It turns out it did not survive the rename very well. People that used the automatic update from earlier versions to the rename versions have experienced various issues.

The best solution to these update issues or to other strange issues is to run a fresh reinstall of FRLogger. This can be done without destroying your data but you must follow the steps carefully.

The steps to safely re-install FRLogger without loosing your data are as follows:

  • Using Windows File Explorer - COPY (do not move) the folder: C:\WS7MApps\FlexLogger\Data to a safe location or a USB drive. We are just copying this so we have a backup!
  • Using Windows Control Panel, Add Remove Programs - Uninstall FRLogger (or FlexLogger if you have an older version)
  • Using Windows File Explorer - Delete the directory: C:\WS7MApps\FlexLogger\bin
  • Download the latest FRInstaller from: FRLogger downloads
  • Run the downloaded installer and let it install into the default directories

Assuming you did not delete or move C:\WS7MApps\FLexLogger\Data directory when you run the new FRLogger all of your settings and data should be present. Your layouts may change.

If you did move your data directory by accident:

  • Shutdown FRLogger
  • Using Windows File Explorer - Copy the data directory from where you saved it back to C:\WS7MApps\FlexLogger\Data
  • Rerun FRLogger