FRLogger - General Usage - Log List

A logging program would not be very good if you could not see your log. The log list panel provides a way to view your log entries.

The log list performs double duty. When you do not have a callsign entered in the Log Entry Panel, the log list will show you your last N QSOs.

When you enter a callsign into Log Entry and hit tab, the log list panel will change to show you any QSOs you have had with this entered station.

You will notice that in this list view there are some buttons next to each log entry. The available actions are:

  • Edit - This will bring up a low-level editor for the log entry. It allows you to change values that were logged.
  • Delete - This allows you to delete a log entry if you happened to make it by mistake
  • Spot - This allows you to spot a QSO. This works if you are connected to a spot network and you logged a QSO and want to spot that station.
  • Lookup - This will attempt to lookup the logged station either on QRZ or HamQTH if you have them configured and update the log entry with data from the lookup.

The log list can be customized. There are two primary customizations you can make:

  • Columns - Columns can be added or removed if you do not want to see them
  • Column Headers - The text at the top of the columns can be changed if you prefer a different label

To add or remove columns, right-click on the column header and choose "Select Columns...". You will be shown a dialog that looks like this:

Note that in this dialog you will checkmark the columns you wish to see and uncheck the ones you do not. You can also select a column and choose to move it up or down in the list. This reorders the columns.

At the far right of the log list panel is a button called "Edit Column Headers...". Selecting this button will present you with this dialog:

In this dialog you can change the header text (column 2) to be what you want. Double click on the header field in a row and type in a new value.

Please note that there are many similar list displays in FRlogger and all of them can have columns reordered, shown, and hidden and column header text can be changed.