FRLogger is free. I won't let you buy it, but you can download it.

If you really have so much money you just can't figure out where to put it then eventually I'll have donate button where you can permanently store some of your money with me.

But no, you cannot buy FRLogger. Just download it and enjoy it.

Really the question should be, why should I use FRLogger over any logging program? It comes down to personal choice. FRLogger is designed to work with your Flex 6000 series radio. FRLogger does not try to be an Icom or Yaesu logger, just a Flex Radio logger.

FRLogger lacks some features of other logging programs and has features other logging programs do not have so really the answer to this question is use it if you like it.

Keep in mind that FRLogger is an evolving product. There will be bugs, new features, changes being made over time. If you can put up with that than please join me for the ride. We'll make something great together.

To get started please view: Getting Started

I fully expect there will be questions. Please join our Groups.IO group: FRLogger Groups.IO

Lastly, if you can't find the help you need here on the web or in Groups.IO then please email me:

With great power comes great responsiblity...

FRLogger is complex and it can do a lot for you. But the software was designed so that you can use as little as you like or as much as you like.

FRLogger can just be a simple logging program. You don't even have to connect it to your Flex Radio. In this simple mode it is just a logger and nothing more.

But if you want the features they are there. Take it slow if you wish. The rewards will be great if you take the time to learn and use the various features.

FRLogger can work very well with both WSJT-X, JTDX and JS8Call. All that is required is a few setup items and connect the programs in the right order.

Click the links below to go to specific, detailed pages for setting up FRLogger with each of these great programs.

I am willing to entertain new ideas, new additions, and changes. But, I'm a one man band. So I cannot guarantee your much needed change will happen overnight. But that being said FRLogger came from basic program to where it is today in virtually 3 months. So I'm pretty fast. Contact me and give me your idea. We'll see what we can do.
Yes, but not directly within FRLogger. Please see the following page:

I try hard to keep the core functionality of FRLogger, which is logging, functional. There are however many moving pieces.

Recently Flex Radio released version 3.x with MULTI-Flex. MULTI-Flex created some major issues with how FRLogger dealth with slices. In addition the new API for 3.x has some reverse incompatibilities with 2.x. So in an effort to try and support 3.x some features for 2.x users may be broken.

I take bugs seriously so if you have seen one and you can chase it down and let me know a few things about when it reared its ugly little face, I will work hard to squish it flat.

Lastly, FRLogger is an evolving product. It is changing, morphing, building upon itself and this very process will create new bugs. I cannot promise to you that things will always work but if you tell me about broken things I'll do what I can to get them working again.


No wait... Just kidding. Yes you can have the source. But here is the deal...

I will make the source available on request. Email me and let me know your plans for it. But here are the conditions:

  • You can have the source right now but you will rapidly fall behind as I add new stuff. There is no easy way to patch source and keep it up to date.
  • I cannot debug and support your efforts in the source. If you have a particular idea perhaps we should discuss adding it as a formal feature then you can get the source at that time.
  • You are free to use the source however you wish. I hope if you start to make millions on it you will remember where you got it from. Also, if you start to sell something based on this source then I must state legally that I have no liability if you get sued for something.
  • The source is based on Visual C# and uses the WinForms framework. Yes I know, Winforms is old... But I work in WPF/UWP every single day and I know how long it takes to develop code under those frameworks. I chose Winforms because a working program like FRLogger can come to life in months or weeks as opposed to years with the more powerful frameworks.
  • You will need at minimum: Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition.
  • Is there code documentation? Well, no... This is the other thing. I have documented key parts of the code but there is a lot that is not documented. I'm willing to answer a few email questions but I cannot guide you through the code. So if you plan to play with it, plan to be a detective and snoop around. That is how you will figure it out.